Monday, May 30, 2011

Random Spring Photos

My youngest daughter came running in yelling that I had to get my camera -- which is MUCH better than just running in and yelling! I obeyed and went out to find this beautiful swallowtail. It was the first of the season. He cooperated for this photo. Thank you!

Although the exposure of this photo isn't perfect, it is a neat shot of these amazing flowers. My girls just love bleeding hearts and this one is planted under out deck stairs. It really likes it there. They seemed to bloom early this year and I didn't unexpected to find it the day I took this photo. 

A sweet art student of mine (you know who you are :D ) brought me these fabulous lilacs. They smelled amazing and were intricately beautiful. God has created such delicate detail in these flowers.

Peonies....I just adore peonies... These came from my mother-in-laws yard. Why I haven't planted them is beyond me. Pretty in pink ruffles... that is what they are.
 I hope that you have enjoyed the bounty of spring blossoms in your area!