Thursday, December 15, 2011

Painted Ornaments and Mugs

I posted previously about painting mugs... 
I have found them to really hold up and wanted to make some more. 
They came out pretty busy, but I just loved them! 

 I also found these really neat "squished" balls that have the perfect flat surface for painting on. One night as I was waiting to fall asleep I had the idea to paint something on one side that you "see through" to the other. I thought of a pine branch on one side with a bird on the other. However, I haven't ventured into birds with this paint. I am used to being able to layer the paint and with the enamel paint it pulls itself off. I then returned to one of my favorite themes...irises and dragon flies! Fun. Here are my creations... 
dragon fly on the one side
irises on the other
My daughters made some beautiful paper boxes for me to wrap them in and give them to the ladies at our coop as gifts. I will have to post a photo of the remaining boxes later. They are the perfect size for many of our handmade items, including crochet roses :D

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