Sunday, January 22, 2012

Columns Crashing Down

I will be teaching my art students about The Classical Order in our next few coops. I wanted a fun way to introduce the topic as we will be doing some deep "analysis" and drawing. I came across a lady that had her students make a column out of paper and stack books on top to see how strong it was. I decided to try this -- It was fun:D

So, I set some rules: One piece of paper - rolling, no folding, no cutting... three 1" pieces of tape...stack as many things on top of it as you can. Here are some of the results! (They stacked mostly index card packages and then a few books)

They began to evaluate how tightly they should roll the paper; vertical or horizontal rolling; and more.  It was a great opener to studying the amazing column!  Try this at home with your children :D

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