Tuesday, January 17, 2012

The Day Has Come!

Who thought of this modern design of "downgraded" laundry rooms? The last thing I want to see when I first return home is laundry! That was the one thing about this house I didn't care for. We debated putting a laundry room in our basement, but thought the additional flight of stairs wasn't worth it. Hence, I have the laundry room/walk-thru to my garage design. 

To top that off, our huge kitchen had a tiny pantry. When we first moved in, my gracious husband gave me a quick fix with some open shelving...oh, did I say some? Really it was a ton--practically wall-to-wall. But, as hard as I tried to keep it looking neat (lining up the cans, face forward, keeping like things together, etc.), it just never looked clean and organized. He promised that one day he would build me a pantry -- that day has come! 

This Christmas break afforded the opportunity to build my new pantry, and by the way, replace the floor, add cabinets over the washer/dryer instead of that open wire shelving, and close up the laundry shoot (I know, "What? Close up a laundry shoot?" - but it wasn't in the right place) So, can anyone say, "Bonus!"

I was fearful of actually posting the before photo, but, who could appreciate the beauty of the remodel without it? Here is my husband at the start, removing all of the items from the wire shelving. The other wall to the left is solid wood shelving. 

After all the demolition, while my husband began the pantry unit, I began the new floor. The Lord provided this beauty of a remnant from Corvin's Flooring. I walked in and there it was for $90!  I took off the moldings, repaired the old vinyl under the washer feet where it had torn, and made a template of the floor. It was pretty cool -- This Old House had a few great tutorials on floor replacements. I loved the idea of using a square to mark all the walls back onto the paper (I know-- hard to picture. You'll have to look it up!) Below is the template laying on my new flooring.

At this point, you simply cut the vinyl with a box cutter (put something under it so you don't cut your other floor--eek!) Then I rolled it up and dry fit it in the room. Totally wonderful! I used the tape adhesive product which was highly recommended for type of remodel. It worked easily and quickly. 

Here are the parts of the pantry that go against the wall (in my dining room before painting). He designed these cabinets so that the doors have shelves as well. They are amazing! It took a bit of painting and sealing, but they are came out beautifully and hold a ton.

I will be posting the rest of the photos soon... :D I am painting a scene on the front doors of the pantry and can't quite decide what to have -- distant landscaping/huge part of a tree/???   Any suggestions?
 What would you like to look at as you walk into your laundry room?  Can't wait to share more.  Thank you, Honey! You are the best!


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  2. I think a scene would be lovely~maybe with lots of flowers?